Shortest scam call ever

My wife–Reenie–has now perfected the quickest way to get computer scammers to hang up:

HIM in strong Indian accent: I’m (mumbled name) from (mumbled company). Your PC has been infected with malware.


HIM: Yes, every time you buy something on line, malware downloads onto your PC.

REENIE: But we don’t have a PC.

HIM: Is this the Kimball Fisher home?

REENIE: Yes, but we don’t have a PC. So you must be lying. Are you lying? Are you one of those scam artists that steal money from people?

HIM: (silence).

REENIE: Does your mother know you scam people for a living?

HIM: (click).


2 thoughts on “Shortest scam call ever

  1. JK White

    Funny! I just reply with: I have an Apple computer. They then ask if I have another computer that runs Microsoft. I reply with no (little white lie). Caller then hangs up.


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