Beach Day!

A perfect time at Cannon Beach! We started at the iconic Fireside Inn log cabin for breakfast: hot chocolate and scrambled eggs for Reenie and an awesome dungeness crab omelette for me. We both dressed in perfect gear for the Oregon Beach on a sunny January day–turtlenecks, sweatshirts and shades.

Good Friends–

Yesterday, as we were working against a tight book deadline, we heard scraping on our driveway. When we peered outside, we saw our neighbors #thewonderfulMonsons shoveling the snow! Wow. We are so blessed! Only three times in the last 20+ years have we needed to shovel snow. And Miles and Karen did it for us two of the three times.

Favorite holiday traditions–

Since writing a Christmas book, I’m often asked about my favorite holiday traditions. Here’s one we restarted this year: seeing the Portland Baroque Orchestra perform Handel’s MESSIAH. Awesome. The picture shows what it looks like from the front row just before the conductor and guest soloists arrive. #PBOrocks #holidayfavs


Reenie and I LOVED doing some volunteer work with #CatholicCharities this week to help Portland refugees from Afghanistan. We worked with a small group on Wednesday in a culture class where we helped them practice English. Two of them had risked their lives to be interpreters for American soldiers. On Thursday we met a single Mom and her six kids from Somalia at the airport. It was awesome! It feels good to offer a little assistance to people who have often lost so much.