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Unsolicited praise for THE CHRISTLIKE LEADER

“. . . I’m still loving your book! We are using it in our supervisory training meetings and we’re having great results . . . My whole leadership team loves this book so feel free to use our experience on your website.”

Dawn Clark, Store manager, Deseret Book

By Amazon Customer
Format: Pamphlet
Though highly inspirational any time of year, Finding Baby Jesus is best read near the holidays as so many of its issues are addressed in the booklet and can inspire an immediate change of heart and behavior in the reader. I loved hearing the timeless lesson that giving is always better than receiving through the voice of Brandon, who seems about 12 or 13. He is having a major pity-party as Christmas is just not the same without his beloved Grandma who died three years prior. Though you sense what might happen, there are some big surprises that will be moving to adults and to kids alike. This is a touching ten minute story that can and should be read year after year. It is a winner, and by following Brandon’s example, can make each of us feel like one too!

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