Another contract —

I’m excited to announce that Cedar Fort will be publishing a third book for me next fall! Watch for my Christmas book in October, my LDS leadership book in December, and a national leadership book next year. I feel so fortunate to be working with such great and supportive publishers!

Happy Mother’s Day

Reenie and I visited my father on April 6th (the day we Mormons believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead). He showed us this magnificent amaryllis and told us a wonderful story. My mother passed away in late November of 2013. This amaryllis had been in the kitchen window and Dad couldn’t bring himself to throw it away after her passing, even though he thought it had died when the flowers withered and the plant rotted away soon after Mom’s funeral. Fourteen months later, two stems burst from the dormant bulb, and ten showy blossoms crowned the resurrected flower. He felt as though Mom was reaching out from beyond the grave to comfort him, just the sort of thing she would do, and in just the sort of way she would do it. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Cover reveal for Finding Baby Jesus

I’m excited to announce that we have a cover for my Christmas book, Finding Baby Jesus! A big thanks to Rebecca Greenwood at Cedar Fort for the amazing design work. I think she captured the tone of the story perfectly.


It looks like the little book will be out in October. I’ll let everyone know the specifics when I do.

The LDSPPA organizing event

Here’s the scoop on the LDS publishing professionals association. It’s a group of publishers, writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, students, and others associated with publishing, who are creating a group to share best practices and support each other. Although it includes houses who publish for LDS audiences, it isn’t limited to that, and several of the original organizers are members of the “mainstream” publishing and writing establishment (see We are holding our organizing event at the SLC library on April 3rd and we would love to have you join us! Sign up at the website.


LDSPPA_Release (1)


Cover reveal for The Christlike Leader

I’m excited to show you the brand new cover for The Christlike Leader! Shawnda Craig designed it and sent it to me last night. I love it! Please let me know what you think. The book is scheduled to be printed in October and available in book stores this December just in time for Christmas shopping.