Reenie and I LOVED doing some volunteer work with #CatholicCharities this week to help Portland refugees from Afghanistan. We worked with a small group on Wednesday in a culture class where we helped them practice English. Two of them had risked their lives to be interpreters for American soldiers. On Thursday we met a single Mom and her six kids from Somalia at the airport. It was awesome! It feels good to offer a little assistance to people who have often lost so much.

Day of Dignity–

So great to work with a group of LDS and Muslim youth to make hygiene and school kits for the homeless. We made about 600 of each! The kits were passed out on 9/11 as a way to commemorate our national terrorism tragedy with an act of #compassionateservice. Shown are the stake president of the Beaverton, Oregon Stake and the leader of the Portland Muslim Social Services.

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Malala Yousafzai–

So inspiring to hear @Malala at the Moda Center last night. Favorite story? When she told about the day she received the #NobelPeacePrize at the age of 15. She had been told to expect a call at 9:30 am at her high school if she won, and when the time came and went, she assumed–as she always expected–that the prize went elsewhere. Then about an hour later school administrators asked her to come to the office. They told her she won! But her first reaction was “I’m so glad I’m not in trouble!”


Sales training from a 5-year-old–

During our morning walk, a young boy holding a cardboard sign that read “Rocks for Sale” stopped us.

Him: “Do you wanna buy some rocks for 25 cents?”¬†When he says “r” it sounds like “w.”

Me, pulling out my empty pocket: “Sorry, buddy. We left our money at home.”

Him: “Where are you going now?”

Me: “We’re going home.”

Him: “Could you maybe finish your walk and come back with money?”

Me: “How long will you be here?”

Him: “All morning.”

Me: “Okay.”

That, ladies and gentleman is how you close a sale. Of course we went back a half hour later. He wasn’t there, but we took some rocks from a small neat pile and left our money by his abandoned sign on the roadside.