Getting Older–

I’m a little disturbed that my spam is changing from offers for military grade flashlights and work at home options from Google and Facebook, to ads for weight-loss, diabetes cures, support stockings and walk-in bathtubs. What’s up with that?

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Presbyterian General Assembly–

Mareen and I were pleased to represent the LDS Church at the 222nd biennial Presbyterian (USA) General Assembly held last week at the Portland Convention Center. It’s a gathering of the top 3000 leaders of PCUSA to worship, plan church strategy, and interact with ecumenical and interfaith leaders from other faith communities. Elder Richard K. Hansen of the Seventy (right) joined Rabbi Joshua Rose (left) and Wajdi Said of the Muslim Educational Trust (center) to address the Assembly on Sunday. The other photo shows the Reverend Gradye Parsons (head of the PCUSA) preaching in an ecumenical service. On behalf of the Northwest North America LDS Church members,¬†Mareen presented him with a Christus statue at his retirement party to commemorate his long and dedicated service to the Christian community.

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Shortest scam call ever

My wife–Reenie–has now perfected the quickest way to get computer scammers to hang up:

HIM in strong Indian accent: I’m (mumbled name) from (mumbled company). Your PC has been infected with malware.


HIM: Yes, every time you buy something on line, malware downloads onto your PC.

REENIE: But we don’t have a PC.

HIM: Is this the Kimball Fisher home?

REENIE: Yes, but we don’t have a PC. So you must be lying. Are you lying? Are you one of those scam artists that steal money from people?

HIM: (silence).

REENIE: Does your mother know you scam people for a living?

HIM: (click).


12 LESSONS now available

My newest book is now available on-line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Deseret Book. You can also get it at selected Deseret Book Stores. The manager of the Lake Oswego DB confirmed on Saturday: “We got your new book in yesterday and of course I had to buy one! I love the organization of the book with the main points separated from the text and the activities in the appendix. I’ve already started marking it up! I can see using the activities in our team meetings!”