Sales training from a 5-year-old–

During our morning walk, a young boy holding a cardboard sign that read “Rocks for Sale” stopped us.

Him: “Do you wanna buy some rocks for 25 cents?”¬†When he says “r” it sounds like “w.”

Me, pulling out my empty pocket: “Sorry, buddy. We left our money at home.”

Him: “Where are you going now?”

Me: “We’re going home.”

Him: “Could you maybe finish your walk and come back with money?”

Me: “How long will you be here?”

Him: “All morning.”

Me: “Okay.”

That, ladies and gentleman is how you close a sale. Of course we went back a half hour later. He wasn’t there, but we took some rocks from a small neat pile and left our money by his abandoned sign on the roadside.

Getting Older–

I’m a little disturbed that my spam is changing from offers for military grade flashlights and work at home options from Google and Facebook, to ads for weight-loss, diabetes cures, support stockings and walk-in bathtubs. What’s up with that?

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Presbyterian General Assembly–

Mareen and I were pleased to represent the LDS Church at the 222nd biennial Presbyterian (USA) General Assembly held last week at the Portland Convention Center. It’s a gathering of the top 3000 leaders of PCUSA to worship, plan church strategy, and interact with ecumenical and interfaith leaders from other faith communities. Elder Richard K. Hansen of the Seventy (right) joined Rabbi Joshua Rose (left) and Wajdi Said of the Muslim Educational Trust (center) to address the Assembly on Sunday. The other photo shows the Reverend Gradye Parsons (head of the PCUSA) preaching in an ecumenical service. On behalf of the Northwest North America LDS Church members,¬†Mareen presented him with a Christus statue at his retirement party to commemorate his long and dedicated service to the Christian community.

GradyeParsons IMG_3637 IMG_3647