Are machines sexist?

Once again, my wife’s computer created problems for her it never has for me. And then a few days later the oven refused to turn off, even though I did exactly the same thing she did when she had to rescue me. Makes me wonder about the age-old sci-fi question #aremachinessexist?

Zoe visits!


Had a wonderful visit from our only Northwest-based niece and nephew–Will and Rebecca–last weekend. After the requisite visit to Voodoo doughnuts the divine miss Zoe favored us with a pre-verbal version of “Do what I’m doing.”

Classy Anniversary–

36thAnniversary Hotpadwarning

Because only the best is good enough for us, we celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary at a wonderful dairy in Midway, Utah, feasting on grilled cheese sandwiches. #awesomelunch. As a side benefit we discovered that in this predominantly LDS community, even the marketing is more honest.

Pioneer Trek–

Just back from a week long Mormon pioneer reenactment trek in Wyoming. So proud of the 207 teens who pulled handcarts for more than forty miles over the original trails near Martin’s Cove. Highlights included windstorms that lifted two tents twenty feet in the air in one camp and flattened a half dozen tents in another, hiking Rocky Ridge, a women’s only pull in steep terrain, the Sweetwater crossing at the Martin company rescue site, a half-hour of unplanned hymn-singing, and a surprise visit from LDS apostle M. Russell Ballard.Trek15a Trek15b Trek15ggoodjpg Trek15iBallard Trek15hMartinscove (1)