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Lots of people read about dragons, fairies, vampires, and other mythical beings from the old European legends. But what do you know about the fantastic creatures in Native American legends? See "Did you know?" for some amazing stories!

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph of the Nez-Perce Nation (about 1900).

A costumed dancer brings ancient Sisiutl-Qagyuhl legends to life.


Did you know?




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I hope you enjoy exploring my website. But beware! Once you begin to love reading then who will clean your room? How will you have enough time to watch TV or make it to the highest levels of your favorite game? When will you practice the tuba? And without tidy bedrooms, knowledgeable TV watchers, and expert gamers, where would civilization be? What would we do without tuba players? Horrors!

Perhaps it is better to walk away while you still have a chance.



Michael Snell, my literary agent for my business books, has agreed to represent my novel for young readers. He's already made some terrific suggestion on how to improve the manuscript. We can't wait to take it to the next step and start to search for potential publishers.


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Thunderbird Feather is an adventure fantasy for middle-grade readers:

Thunderbird feather graphic

Zachary None just wants to be the greatest basketball player in the history of the Thunderbird Middle School Warriors. Instead he’s wrongfully branded as a sketchy-Indian-pyro-dude because he happens to be nearby when his foster home bursts into flames and burns into cinders. Now he’s headed to juvie unless he joins some nerdy mystery-solving club. He never expects that he and his friends will actually uncover the cause of the fires that have been scorching his life. Or, that they’ll unlock the hazardous secrets of his long-lost family.

They discover that the stories he thought were only dusty Northwestern Native American folklore are true: even a snakefire-shooting thunderbird, dancing with the dead, a rude trickster oracle, a vision-generating waterfall, and speaking with stone. And when a soul-sucking demon kidnaps his foster sister and best friend, he will have to risk both his life and the lives of his friends to unravel the shape-shifting mystery surrounding the thunderbird feather. With it, he rescues not only his friend, but his parents. And only then will he discover what it means to be a true warrior.


Credits: Picture of Zachary flying by Jim Madsen. All photos (Chief Joseph, drum, and masked dancer) by permission of www.firstpeople.us (see link).

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