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Lots of people read about dragons, fairies, vampires, and other mythical beings from the old European legends. But what do you know about the fantastic creatures in Native American legends? See "Did you know?" for some amazing stories!

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph of the Nez-Perce Nation (about 1900).

A costumed dancer brings ancient Sisiutl-Qagyuhl legends to life.


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I hope you enjoy exploring my website. But beware! Once you begin to love reading then who will clean your room? How will you have enough time to watch TV or make it to the highest levels of your favorite game? When will you practice the tuba? And without tidy bedrooms, knowledgeable TV watchers, and expert gamers, where would civilization be? What would we do without tuba players? Horrors!

Perhaps it is better to walk away while you still have a chance.



Kimball is finally ready to show Thunderbird Feather to potential publishers!


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Thunderbird Feather is an adventure fantasy for middle-grade readers:

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A DNA test confirms Zachary None’s Native American heritage, but it can’t tell him who--or more importantly, where--his parents are. And to make things worse, he and his brainy best friend Cricket have just been accused of burning their Portland, Oregon foster home to the ground.

A judge disrupts Zachary’s quest to find out where he comes from by sentencing him to supervised boarding at the eerie Thunderbird Alternative Middle School--rumored to be far worse than juvenile detention. However, being at Thunderbird is what helps Zachary discover that the soul-sucking demon that has been scorching his life will reunite him with his parents in exchange for a long-lost mythological stone.

With guidance from a rude trickster and some frightening spirits, he’ll not only find the stone, but also the fabled THUNDERBIRD FEATHER required to end the demon’s reign of horror and carnage. And the feather will not only help him fight the demon, but find his family, prove his innocence, and learn what it means to be a true warrior.


Credits: Picture of Zachary flying by Jim Madsen. All photos (Chief Joseph, drum, and masked dancer) by permission of www.firstpeople.us (see link).

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